7 Simple Video Production for Business Tips to Get the Best Video

Videos play an important role in your digital marketing strategy. They help improve your presence online, create engagement, drive traffic, and boost sales. With video production for business, you can revolutionize how your brand connects with your customers.

Tips to Help You Get the Best Video

So, you decided to include videos in your marketing strategy. It’s why you’re here right now, looking for a business video production company that can help you. Before doing anything, though, it’s important to know some tips on how to get the best video. With these tips, you’ll be able to either make your own video or choose the right video production company.

Below are seven video production for business tips we’d like to share.

1. Keep it Steady

Shooting a video by holding the camera yourself often results in a wobbly film. You can produce a steady video with the use of a tripod. The good thing is there are plenty of good quality tripods you can buy online. You can get either a tabletop tripod or a standing tripod. Either type helps in a professional quality video production for business.

However, it’s tough to carry tons of gear with you. Good thing it’s possible to create a steady video without a tripod. The key is in how you position yourself, which should be in a way that when you breathe, it doesn’t make unnecessary camera motion. Do this by bracing yourself and the camera on a wall, the ground or another object.

Another great solution is by using a webcam mounted to the top of your computer, which is what we do with our clients at ClearMix!

We prefer webcams mounted on top of a computer for several reasons. First, it simplifies the process for our clients while consistently producing quality results. Second, having easy but consistent footage speeds up the editing process. This is just one of the many ways we help clients get quality videos fast without breaking the bank.

2. Set Up Lights Properly

Lighting is essential in video production and is one of our top priorities when filming. It’s one of the most important tips because if the lights aren’t strong enough and properly placed, your video will clearly look like an amateur did it. The key to professional-looking video production is in the proper use of lighting.

One thing you don’t want is under or overexposed footage. You’ll need to get rid of shadows to avoid this. Experts will tell you the best way to eliminate shadows is by setting up enough lights, such as using a three-point lighting setup. With this, you give the subject of your film enough light from different angles.

And while that’s true, you either need to be an expert at setting up a three-point lighting setup or have plenty of extra time on your hands to play around with it. Our quick and easy solution that does the work for you is to use a ring light. You can see examples of videos shot using a ring light for natural looking balanced lighting on our customer testimonials page.

3. Think About Your Composition

The rule of thirds is a concept used in taking photos and videos. It’s one of the classic video production tips to keep in mind if you want to get good quality footage, especially as b-roll footage to edit into your video. However, it really depends on the type of video you are making.

For example, if you are filming a customer testimonial video, you will want them centered in the shot, looking directly into the camera. This helps the viewer connect with them and better understand the message. You’ve probably seen a recent customer testimonial video where they did this, and it captures your attention.

4. Be Conscious of Sound Quality

Another factor that can make your video production for business look amateur is poor sound quality. Ensure that your video has a clear, crisp sound, not some unintelligible, garbled noise. This often happens when you simply rely on the microphone of your camera. If you want good quality sound, you need the right microphone.

We recommend using a lapel microphone, sometimes referred to as a lavaliere microphone, which is hands-free, and clips onto the person’s clothing. This way, you can shoot your video steadily and still be able to capture clear sounds. The use of microphones is particularly important if you are doing bigger shots. But even if not, it is still best to invest in a good quality microphone.

5. Have a Pre-Production Plan

Technical tips are essential, but what’s more important in video production for business is to have a plan. Producing video is a fun, exciting process where you constantly work on your footage until you’re satisfied. However, video editing is such a grueling process that it is crucial to have a plan right from the start. What does a pre-production plan entail?

There are a few things there, like creating a script and storyboard. They ensure that the video you produce tells the message you want to convey. Of course, don’t forget to figure out the goal of the video before anything else. In addition, you need to determine your audience, the filming location, who will take the video, who will edit, and many other things.

6. Have Branding Assets

Branding assets are elements of a professional business video production. These are essential to showcase your brand through the videos. These assets include the intros and outros, transitions, and graphics. While the intros and outros are like your calling cards, transition and graphics help make a video look seamless.

Video production for business doesn’t just involve shooting a video with good lighting and sound quality. It involves multiple shots pieced together to create an on-brand video that effectively conveys your story and message. An amateur can pull this off, but a professional video production company still has the best capability to produce good quality videos.

7. Use A Good Video Editing Program

Last but not least, you need a good video editing program. You need software that can effectively turn your raw footage into a compelling video. There are many kinds of programs you can use for this that are both free and paid. Some free editing programs have excellent features, but a paid one has plenty more.

When looking for the right video editor, there are key features you need to keep in mind. You need an editor that can add text to video and trim and crop it. A video editor with plenty of scene transitions is great as well. In addition, choose a program that lets you add filters and overlays. More importantly, it should have a library of free to use sounds and videos.

Now You Know the 7 Simple Video Production for Business Tips

There are plenty more tips on video production for business you can try. Those we mentioned – using a tripod, setting up lights, thinking about your composition, branding assets, and more, are just the basics. If that sounds like a lot, or more than you want to deal with, the good news is we can take care of all of that for you here at ClearMix.

As a remote video production company (think hybrid video editor and production company, but remote), we can help create high-quality videos for your company. We do it remotely, allowing you to save time and money. Do you need to produce the best video to help your marketing efforts? Get in touch with us today!

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Our video strategy team will help walk you through a project. Typically we deliver videos within 10 days of scheduling a shoot.

“I can't emphasize enough the high-quality caliber of the video. We were blown away. ”
Ashley Jennings Managing Director, UT Austin

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Our video strategy team will help walk you through a project. Typically we deliver videos within 10 days of scheduling a shoot.

Let us know how to reach you

Professional Video Production Record anyone, anywhere

👋 Introduce yourself

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“I can't emphasize enough the high-quality caliber of the video. We were blown away. ”
Ashley Jennings Managing Director, UT Austin

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