How To Create a Brand Video That Engages and Converts Your Audience

In today’s fast-paced online world, grabbing your audience’s attention can be a herculean task. It comes as no surprise, then, that videos have become marketers’ format of choice. Videos are engaging, easy-to-consume, and informative. There are many types of videos that businesses can use for marketing purposes. One particular type you should be paying attention to is a brand video.

A well-produced branded video can be a valuable tool for helping your company grow.

In this article, you’ll learn more about what a brand video is, why you need these videos, examples, brand video content ideas, and how to create a brand video — even as a total beginner.

What Is a Brand Video?

A brand video is meant to quickly educate a viewer about the brand. It may be an introduction to the brand for new viewers or sharing more about the brand for loyal customers. Typically, the video will tell the brand’s unique story and show off the company’s personality while sharing enticing company information to increase the status or reputation of the brand in the eyes of the viewers. For newer businesses, these are especially important to help gain the trust of customers.

Why Your Company Needs Brand Videos

If you’re searching for opportunities to grow, then branded videos might just be the next step you need to take. Here are some of the benefits of brand video:

  • Reach more customers and build brand awareness — A memorable video gets people talking. If your video resonates with their values, your brand will stick in their mind. If they’re particularly wowed, they might share your video with their friends, who might share it with their friends in turn, further expanding your reach.
  • Convey information within a limited time frame — People can process pictures and videos much faster than they can process text. The adage “show, don’t tell” is particularly applicable here. A branded video is your opportunity to share your brand story and core values in a concise, compelling manner.
  • Humanize your brand — On its own, a business is faceless. Brand video content allows you to add a human touch to your business and let customers peek behind the curtains to see who you really are.
  • Boost your SEO rankings — Search algorithms like Google want to provide users with informative content. Videos are widely acknowledged as a good way to impart information. Incorporating a brand video into your website can boost your rank on the results page.

Brand Video Examples

Learning from other brand videos is a great way to figure out how you’ll be creating your own. Here are three brand video examples from brands you’re already familiar with.

Netflix: “One Story Away”

One Story Away gives viewers a glimpse into the many films and TV shows available on the platform, tying them together with a narrative that highlights why exactly people love consuming shows and films on the platform — they expand your horizons and allow you to experience stories you wouldn’t have otherwise.

New York Times: “The Truth Is Essential: Life Needs Truth”

The Truth Is Essential: Life Needs Truth utilizes real headlines, photos, and videos along with kinetic text and a catchy beat to grab viewers’ attention and call attention to the importance of journalism and how it tackles both mundane topics and global concerns.

Ikea: “Make Home Count”

Make Home Count is simple, short, and sweet. This video does a wonderful job of presenting everyday moments at home and emphasizing the importance of investing in quality furniture.

Brand Video Content: What To Include

Every brand video is unique, so it can be hard to pin down a standardized list of what brand video content you absolutely need to include. Regardless, here are a few elements you should consider adding:

  • Brand logo and colors — Your logo is the foundation of your brand identity.
  • Branded intros, outros, and transitions — Using the same transitions can help establish consistency between all the videos you release.
  • “On-brand” B-roll footage — B-roll footage is great for transitions between scenes or establishing setting and tone. For example, if you’re a business selling cosmetics to young women, you could have candid footage of girls going to prom, hanging out at the mall, etc.
  • Client testimonials — Social proof is always effective at building brand trust.
  • Company overview — Let your audiences know what your company is all about.


Here’s an example of how ClearMix helps companies create branded intros, outros, and transitions:

How To Create an Engaging Brand Video

Making a brand video from scratch is a daunting task for any beginner. However, you don’t need to be intimidated if you approach it step-by-step. When you break down the to-do list for an engaging video, it looks something like this:

  1. Know your target audience — Knowing who the video will be for will help you determine the approach you need to take. Should it be fun or serious? What message should you share? Questions like that can be answered if you have a defined audience in mind.
  2. Plan ahead — Hashing out an adequate timeline, a realistic budget, and a cohesive script for your video will help guide you through the rest of the process.
  3. Tell stories your audience wants to hear — You want your video to be engaging and interesting. By picking a message that resonates with your viewers, you’ll increase the chances of them sharing it with others.
  4. Keep content in line with your brand’s personality — As much as you need to cater to your audience, you should also keep in mind that your content has to reflect your brand. A video that feels off-brand can have the opposite effect of what you’re trying to achieve.
  5. Include important content — As mentioned in the previous section, make it a point to incorporate your logo and colors, branded transitions, customer testimonials, etc.
  6. Take the easy route to video production — Hiring professional video editing services and production companies like ClearMix can take a massive weight off your shoulders.
  7. Use your video in marketing efforts — Sharing your brand video on social media will help attract a larger audience. Even if the video was originally created for your website landing page.


The Easy Way To Make Brand Videos

Don’t have the time, resources, or technical knowledge to film, edit, and produce high-quality videos within your company? Don’t fret.

At ClearMix, we can handle the heavy lifting for you! Feel free to get in touch with us today to discuss your brand (or other) video needs.

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