How to Master Video Production for Marketing Without Being an Expert

Have you never made a video before? Has your boss just asked you to make a high-quality video you can use for marketing?

If your initial reaction is either panic or confusion, that’s perfectly understandable.

While video is indeed on the rise as a digital marketing format and it’s customers’ favorite type of content to see, it’s still a bit unrealistic to expect the average person to be a video production whiz. That’s why we seek to provide you with the information you need to confidently tackle creating a video for marketing purposes, without being an expert. We will walk through the video production for marketing process from start to finish, and by the end of this article, you’ll walk away confident in your abilities to produce a high-quality video and impress your boss in the process.

Getting Started: Planning Out Your Video Production for Marketing

Before you get yourself stuck in a rut worrying over everything you need for your video, take a moment to sit down with a blank document or even a piece of pen and paper. Ask yourself: “What is the goal of this video? What is our desired outcome after someone watches this video? Who is the target audience of this video? Where will this video be distributed?”

When you find the answers, you’ve just completed the first step of the process. Knowing your goals will inform a lot of the decisions you’ll have to make later on — a short commercial made to increase brand awareness among a young audience should have a different look and feel than a mini-documentary detailing your business’ history, core values, and mission statement.

Once you’ve got your goals down, the next phase involves logistics and messaging.


Video production for marketing is never as simple as firing up a camera and improvising. You need an idea of what ideas you want to communicate before you start filming. Traditionally, this is done with a pre-written script. At ClearMix, however we find that scripts can actually have a negative effect on the overall video quality. It’s not that you should go in without a mission, it’s just that most of us aren’t actors and scripted video generally feels less natural and authentic when read aloud.

Instead, we recommend creating a brief document with a few questions you’d like to see answered. For example, you might want to know how your product helped a customer reach their goals, and you specifically want to hear about how much faster they were able to do so vs. their old solution. Once you’ve gotten a few questions, with bullet-point answers for each, you can just have a natural conversation with the person on camera and help guide them towards the talking points in a more authentic manner. Not only will the video feel more natural, but you’ll also be able to produce your content more quickly.


You don’t want to run out of time while producing, and you certainly don’t want to run out of money, so set a clear timeline and a realistic budget. If you’ve never tried creating a video before, it can be difficult to determine how much time you need, so err on the side of caution. The length of the video, the amount of post-production processing it needs, and the style of the footage (e.g. many different shots vs. one continuous shot) will all influence the length of the production timeline.

This is also the phase where you should iron out details, like whether you’ll be booking talents (e.g. influencers, models, actors), hiring additional staff, purchasing equipment or props, where you’ll be filming, and choosing partners to help in the process.

The Production Phase: Filming the Content

When you’ve got your plan and your script ready, it’s time to start filming your video production for marketing. Here are four key considerations you should always keep in mind:

●  Audio and visual quality — Before filming, test all your equipment to check if you’re getting the best sound and picture possible. If you’re on set while filming, always check if the shots you’re getting match your storyboard. If you’re not on set, make it a point to check in by asking for photos and videos periodically.

●  Lighting — Lighting can affect the mood and tone of your entire production, so make sure to keep an eye out for lighting changes, especially if you’re filming outdoors or in a poorly lit room.

●  Styling — Always make sure that the set decorations, props, wardrobe, and makeup featured in your video are styled properly. You don’t want a wrinkled shirt or a messy backdrop to compromise the message you’re trying to share.

●  B-roll footage — Don’t forget to film extra footage like overhead shots of your location, different angles of the same shot, close-ups, etc. This can give you more flexibility in the editing process for transitions, covering up mistakes, and setting the tone.

Creating a Brand Package

If it’s your business’ first time doing video production for marketing, then chances are you won’t have a brand package for videos yet. Consider taking additional time to create intros, outros, logos, transitions, name/subtitle formats, and more that you can use in future marketing video production to ensure a cohesive look for all your brand’s videos.

Post-Production: Editing the Final Video

Editing is where most first-time video producers will struggle the most. Your first option is always doing it yourself — there are many beginner-friendly editing programs on the market today, such as OpenShot, Movavi, Adobe Premiere, and Microsoft Movie Maker. Most programs will offer a free trial, so you can familiarize yourself with using them before you attempt to edit your marketing video production.

Your other option is hiring video editing services that you can hand off your footage to, or even full-fledged production options that will handle everything from start to finish. At ClearMix, we offer full-service video production, where we will schedule and organize the video shoot, create a custom brand package, and edit it into a high-quality video that accomplishes your goal. Uniquely, we offer 100% remote filming using webcams, so you can create video anywhere and still have access to our live production team during the shoot. We have experience in videos of all sizes and types, including customer testimonials, company overviews, educational content, thought leadership/podcast videos, student stories, product overviews, and more!

Take the Easy Route and Hire ClearMix for Your Marketing Video Production Needs

If you don’t have the time or technical knowledge to film, edit, and produce high-quality videos yourself, then you always have the option of working with us at ClearMix. We cater to everyone from solopreneurs, small businesses, or startups to larger companies looking to outsource video production to a trusted and reliable company. We’re always ready to offer our expert assistance to complete your projects and grow your company. Contact us today!

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