The True Power of Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer testimonials are essential tools that can increase your company’s credibility and success in extraordinary ways. From building trust and loyalty to converting buyers, there are many benefits of customer testimonials that make them vital to any marketing plan. This article will discuss everything you need to know – from their benefits, to their many uses – and how ClearMix can help you put the power of testimonials to work for your company.

What Are Testimonials?

Customer testimonials are positive statements about a particular product or service. A good consumer testimonial is clear, concise and engaging – and, of course, enticing enough to convince the viewer to buy the product. A video testimonial takes the medium one step further by syncing the words with a likable presence for enhanced impact.

The Benefits of Customer Testimonials

Just as reviews are an essential part of product advertising, customer testimonials build a bridge between you and prospective clients. There are six major reasons why you need customer testimonials:

  1. Trust Building: It’s one thing if you talk about how great your product is, but it’s far more meaningful if customers say glowing things about your company.
  2. Creating Credibility: You want visitors to see your product as something they cannot live without. Strong testimonials can help you achieve this by giving examples of how your product resolved a problem or met a need for someone facing a similar situation.
  3. Independent Sales Pitch: A more effective pitch for your product comes from people who have no affiliation with your organization.
  4. New Perspective: You may be surprised by how your product is being used to meet a need in a way you might not have imagined. Oftentimes, a consumer’s testimonial will spark the topic for a blog post or provide additional benefits in a product description.
  5. Enhanced Visibility: You’re more likely to appear in local searches when videos of customer testimonials are part of your content. And, testimonials can boost your search engine optimization (SEO) value.
  6. News Travels Fast: Customers often share testimonials with others. A good testimonial may go viral and bring you residual goodwill for months to come.


What Makes for Great Testimonials?

Not all customer testimonials are created equal. If someone writes a garbled or vague testimonial or casts aspersions on other aspects of your business, this is not a testimonial you want to use. So, what makes compelling, strong testimonials? Here are some helpful tips to help you harness the true power of testimonials for marketing:

  • Film It: Shooting a testimonial video is far more impactful to potential consumers than a block of words on a screen.
  • Keep it Positive: Great testimonials say positive things about your products and services without denigrating your competitors, which some visitors will perceive as a turn-off. 
  • Claim Substantiation: An effective testimonial dovetails with the claims you make in your marketing. If the customer makes any claims, you should be prepared to back them up before using their testimonial.
  • Relatable: The testimonial should come from someone your customers can relate to who’s friendly and approachable – and ideally, part of the same demographic.
  • Authentic: When you associate a name and hometown to the person supplying the testimonial, you validate their existence as an authentic customer (as opposed to someone who works in your Accounting Department).
  • Unique: Visitors should get the sense that you’re offering something extra that your competitors are not.


Where Are Customer Testimonials Used?

Customer testimonials can be incorporated into your website, YouTube channel or blogs that highlight your products and services. Highlighting a testimonial gives credibility to your marketing and can add a personal touch to an otherwise impersonal sales pitch. You can also use them on relevant product landing pages to break down any barriers your visitors may have about your product.

How to Go About Collecting Testimonials

There are several ways to collect testimonials from your customers. One of the easiest ways is to ask for a testimonial when someone leaves good feedback on your social media site. Just keep in mind that if you offer money or other incentives to provide a testimonial, it becomes a paid endorsement, which must be disclosed in any advertising in which it’s used.

Why Are Testimonials Important?

The power of testimonials comes from proving that you have an established, well-respected business. A good testimonial outlines solid reasons to trust your products and services. When others put forth favorable testimonials about your company, you’re able to inspire a level of comfort in others that’s vital to your credibility.

Experience the Power of Customer Testimonial Videos With ClearMix

Do testimonials work? Clearly, they can do great things for your reputation and bottom line. ClearMix will help you create video customer testimonials quickly and easily at pricing that’s a tenth of what you’d pay at a traditional studio. Just see our own customer testimonials for proof. For your convenience, our work is done 100% remotely. Schedule a call with us today to learn how we can help you grow your business using the power of testimonials!

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