The Ultimate Guide to Video Editing Services + 3 Basics You Must Know

Among marketers, over 80% think that video marketing content directly and positively impacts sales, and nearly nine out of ten people report wanting to see more video out brands. With video, it’s possible to build trust and authentic connections with your audience while also educating and nudging towards lead generation or conversion.  Thus, utilizing video editing as a service is beneficial, especially if you’re a solopreneur or have a small business or startup.

Want to know more about video editing services and how you can successfully select a video editing service provider to ensure the best results? Check out our guide below.

Learning the Basics of Video Editing Services

Using video editing as a service means that you entrust the process of rearranging, manipulating, cutting, trimming, and putting different clips together to a video editor to produce quality work. Post-production responsibilities include sound mixing, choosing the right transitions between video clips, and using the perfect filter, color, and other visual effects.

While you can try to do the editing yourself, it takes a lot of skills and patience to successfully produce a video that suits your business needs. That is why it’s best to work with a top-notch professional video editing service like what we offer at ClearMix.

If you need customer testimonials to emphasize how your team guarantees client satisfaction, you only have to pick a guest, and we’ll do all the work for you. Whether you need product overviews, company overviews, educational content, student stories, or podcast videos, we provide quick yet thorough video editing solutions, giving you superior content perfect for your business.

3 Basics You Must Know About Video Editing Services

Video editing service providers turn your vision into reality by making compelling video content. Thus, you must know the basics when investing in video editing services, like choosing the right team, knowing how to plan for the video, and knowing what to expect in the process.

1. How to Identify and Hire the Right Team/Company

High-quality videos are crucial in leaving a lasting impression on your target audience. Thus, you should apply the following steps or tips to choose the right video editing company.

Establish the Scope of Work

First, defining your scope of work is necessary. For instance, what’s the specific outcome that you want to achieve with your video content? Do you want to educate the viewers, entertain them, or sell your product or service? You might want all of these reflected in your video.

Establish the type of audience you want to attract. Then, decide whether you want long-form or short-form content. You have to set the turnaround time too. That is how urgent the product is and when you want it to be completed.

Another crucial step is setting a budget. Identify how much you’re willing to pay. If you want to save money while still achieving a quality video, ClearMix has you covered. Because of our unique 100% remote model, we can produce video at a tenth of the cost of a hiring a traditional on-site camera and audio crew. 

Decide Between Hiring Vs. Do-It-Yourself

When you’re scoping out your project, perhaps the most important decision is whether you want a company to help you with your video, or whether you want to do it yourself (or hire a solo freelancer). In our experience, most companies are surprised by how much work it takes to create a video in-house. To get consistently high quality, you need to pay attention to lighting, the framing of your shots, the audio quality, and the interview itself. On top of that, the editing process itself requires technical skills, and can often take weeks (or even months) as the video gets updated, reviewed, and updated again. On the other hand, hiring a production agency is often expensive, which is why it’s so important to make a careful choice.

Check the Portfolio

By viewing the video editing service provider’s portfolio, you’ll have a glimpse of the quality of videos you’re about to receive, and you’ll know whether these exceed your standards. Are these videos engaging enough? Do they look professional? Check the company’s website for the portfolio, read client reviews, or find out the company’s list of clients and the specific video editing services rendered.

At ClearMix, we’ve served happy clients like Google, Dell, Cornell University, and Codecademy for several video types. These include customer testimonials, company overviews, educational content, thought leadership or podcast videos, student stories, and product overviews.

Look For Excellent Customer Service

Apart from ensuring that the video editing team has the necessary skills and expertise, get a company that’s easy to communicate with. Even if the video quality is superb, you’ll still end up stressed if the customer service is bad.

2. How to Plan for the Video

Learning how to plan for the video also guides you in getting top-quality content. Here are some of the key steps to consider:

●  Establish your goals, expectations, and desired results: The goal of the video determines how the content will be created, so ask yourself why you’re making the video in the first place. Then, set your expectations and desired outcome to make sure that you and the video editing service provider (if you’re using one) are on the same page.

●  Create a brand kit: This should build on whatever marketing materials you already have, such as a brand book. With those guidelines in place, work with an animator to create transitions, captions, intros and outros that communicate your brand effectively and incorporate your colors, motifs, and logo.

●  Write a brief ahead of time: At ClearMix, we find that a word-for-word script can actually hurt the effectiveness of the video, because it’s hard for most of us to feel comfortable and natural when reading a script. Instead, consider jotting down bullet points of what you want to cover, and let the guest’s answers speak for themselves.

●  Set your background: Nowadays, most of us are used to seeing each other’s home offices. But make sure your environment is clean, well-lit, and visually appealing. Consider adding plants, books, or art in the background if you don’t have any already. We also recommend filming in soft, direct natural light or utilizing a ringlight.

3. What to Expect in the Process

Traditional video editing includes long and time-consuming processes, including research, pre-production meetings, site visit (if necessary), storyboarding, and other shoot preparations. Then, the production and post-production phases include conducting the interviews, recording voiceovers, logging interviews, producing, video editing, reviewing and seeking approval, and then delivering the final output.

Meanwhile, ClearMix’s 100% remote process provides quick, simple, and effective video editing solutions. We ship 4K webcams, lights, and desktop microphones to let your guests engage in a live interview with our producers from wherever they are. This makes the filming process extremely convenient and straightforward, while reducing costs and production time.

While it usually takes weeks or months before you could see the final video with traditional video editing services, ClearMix can give you the video in just a ten days. From our quick and simplified processes to our affordable rates, you can be confident that you’re making a wise investment.

Let Your Brand Stand Out with the Best Video Editing Services

Different types of videos like company overviews, educational content, podcast videos, product customer testimonials, and product overviews help increase brand awareness, build trust with your audience, and achieve higher revenue. However, to maximize these benefits, you’ll need to find a reliable video editing service provider like ClearMix.

Ready to experience an easy and full remote video editing process while saving money and other resources? Schedule a free consultation with us today!

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Professional Video Production Record anyone, anywhere

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Our video strategy team will help walk you through a project. Typically we deliver videos within 10 days of scheduling a shoot.

“I can't emphasize enough the high-quality caliber of the video. We were blown away. ”
Ashley Jennings Managing Director, UT Austin

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Professional Video Production Record anyone, anywhere

👋 Introduce yourself

Our video strategy team will help walk you through a project. Typically we deliver videos within 10 days of scheduling a shoot.

Let us know how to reach you

Professional Video Production Record anyone, anywhere

👋 Introduce yourself

Our video strategy team will contact you to help schedule your video shoot at one of our ClearMix Studio at WeWork locations!

“I can't emphasize enough the high-quality caliber of the video. We were blown away. ”
Ashley Jennings Managing Director, UT Austin

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