8 Best Types of Video Content To Boost Your Business

With so much internet noise assaulting the senses, how do you cut through the clutter and get your message across? By making your video content engaging and relevant to your business, it is possible, especially when you choose the proper placement to promote your product, convert leads, and grow your audience. In this article, we’ll show you 8 different types of video content to include in your video content marketing strategy, where you can post them to get the best results and how ClearMix can create video content for your business that puts you ahead of the pack at a tenth of the cost of a traditional studio.

What is Video Content?

Any video that is produced for use on the internet is video content. The goal isn’t simply video content creation, but rather the strategic development of a video marketing funnel or video content strategy to entice, educate, sell-to and keep existing customers by using videos at each stage of the consumer journey. Properly implemented, video content will increase awareness of your brand, present your products and services favorably and ultimately, boost your sales. There are several different types of videos for businesses that can help you achieve your goals. Following are 8 different types of video creation ideas for businesses that we consider the essentials.

#1: Promotional Video

One of the most common forms of video content is advertising with video. Either 15 or 30 seconds in length, video promotional ads may be part of a paid advertising campaign. Like any other commercial, promotional videos include straightforward pitches, teasers for new products, or vignettes that foster engagement with the viewer through pathos or humor.

#2: Sales Outreach

Cold sales calls can be tedious and time-consuming. A much better approach is to create a sales video that introduces your business and includes a sales pitch tailored to a select group of clients (or even one really big client). Using video for sales outreach is a great way to introduce yourself and your business while giving potential clients a sense of your business–without immediately putting them on the spot. We find this is especially effective in pitching products online.

#3: Thought Leadership

How do you use video content to demonstrate expertise, passion, and vision in your field? Thought leadership is a great approach. By sharing your knowledge on a particular topic, you create an aura of authority and influence crucial for building trust in your brand and business. Thought leadership embodies innovative ideas and out-of-the-box thinking along with facts and figures. These types of corporate videos are ideal for sharing your insights and engaging others who share an interest in your field.

#4: Testimonials

Word-of-mouth has forever been an effective means of marketing. Testimonial video content marketing is the modern equivalent. It’s reassuring to hear from other customers that your products and services performed as promised. Testimonials build trust and confidence and help boost sales.

#5: “How to” Product Demonstrations

Just about every business has a product that can benefit from some degree of demonstration. For example, you’re selling a piece of furniture or a toy that requires “some assembly”–your video content can demonstrate the process step-by-step. These educational product demonstrations help to prevent customer frustration and can lead to repeat sales.

#6: Add-ons & Upsells

Video footage can be used to promote at the point of sale to “sell up” or create add-on sales. Major merchandisers use product placement to accomplish this, but video content can be much more compelling. Let’s say you are selling a refrigerator. When the customer checks out, they’re shown the next-highest model, which has more features and benefits for a small bump-up in price. You can also use video content to promote add-on sales. If you’re selling a movie, the add-on might be the sequel or one that’s from a similar genre.

#7: Company Overview

Buying online is very impersonal. Create a company video and break through the barrier with a company overview. While this type of digital marketing may not result in immediate sales, it does promote a positive view of your business and provides a comfort level for new visitors to your website. Are you a family company? A local business? When a customer is weighing their decision to purchase, these factors may tip the scales in your favor.

#8 Podcasts

One way to seek out prospective customers is by creating a podcast. The recent shift to the work-at-home model has resulted in a rise in the popularity of this form of content marketing strategy. You can educate your audience about an issue relevant to your company, create leads to build your email list, and help seal the deal with customers who are on the fence. Podcasts are an essential form of video content that can build relationships with your audience. They allow you the opportunity to address what’s going on in your industry and in the market. And because podcasts are viral, they can be shared across the internet, expanding your reach to viewers who are interested in learning about your product and what you have to say about it.

Where to Place Different Types of Video Marketing

Once you’ve created great brand videos, they can live in multiple places depending on their subject matter:

  • Promotional, Testimonials and Thought Leadership: Can appear on your website, blog and social media sites
  • Sales Outreach: Share with potential clients via email or your YouTube channel
  • How To: Feature in a blog, landing pages or alongside product descriptions
  • Add-ons and Upsells: Tag to relevant product pages
  • Company Overview: Add to your “About Us” page or wherever you talk about your company and its leaders
  • Podcasts: Post on your YouTube channel, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media sites

Make ClearMix Your Go-To for All Types of Video Content

In today’s market, you need all types of video content to boost your sales. ClearMix works with you 100% remotely to create compelling, motivating video content marketing. We can complete your video production in a matter of days at an affordable price (1/10th the cost of what a professional studio would charge). Check out our customer testimonials or view examples of our work. Then give us a shout and let us know how we can create video content for your business.

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