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Customer Testimonial Videos

ClearMix helped Brex create a series of videos interviewing their happy customers and highlighting how small business owners can benefit from Brex’s financial services platform.

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Company Overview Videos

ClearMix helped BAÏST Gloves tell the unique story of their founder and CEO, Ace Jonas, and how his experiences inspired him to found his premium ski and winter wear company.

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Educational Content Videos

Sprout used ClearMix to produce a series of educational videos to help them introduce the basics of financial investments to their Latin American market.

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Podcast Videos

ClearMix helped Shift5 produce long-form content discussing the cyber-physical threats that can affect fleets of planes, trains and tanks. Shift5 provides cybersecurity-focused SaaS and hardware solutions to protect fleet infrastructure from attacks.

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Student Stories

ClearMix helped Codecademy create a series of student videos highlighting the successful careers their students were able to kickstart through the educational platform.

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Product Overview Videos

ClearMix worked with Retina AI to create an overview video of their AI-powered medical diagnostic tool. Using Retina AI, doctors can identify signs of diabetes more quickly and easily with the help of automatic retinal image processing.

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